Eco-responsible approach

Our eco-responsible approach

Hotels and respect for the environment: it’s possible !

We are very sensitive to our environment and want to protect it as much as possible so that we can leave a clean planet to future generations. That’s why, in our own small way, we’ve put in place ecological and economic measures to help protect our environment as much as possible.

We are committed to an eco-responsible approach aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of your hotel stay.


Water and energy management

• Installation of solar panels for domestic hot water
• LED light bulbs throughout the establishment
• Sanitary equipment with dual flush toilets
• Customer labelling in rooms (towel washing on request)
• Staff training in daily eco-gestures

Projects & Awareness - monitoring and objectives

• Measurement of Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions for the year 2022, with the definition of an overall emissions reduction target of 40% by 2032.
• Medium-term projects: Photovoltaic electricity and external wall insulation.
• Raising awareness among our staff and customers

Waste reduction & Organisation of selective sorting

• Elimination of individual packaging (soap in refillable dispensers, cleaning products in large packs, etc.)
• Limitation or total elimination of single-use items (shower caps, slippers, etc.)
• Sorting bins throughout the establishment
• Composting of green waste and compostable paper
• Composting of organic waste, which will be used to enrich the soil in the garden.

Reducing food waste & Local sourcing

• At breakfast, apart from yoghurts and tea bags, all our products are sold in bulk,
• Production and sale at our table of our regional wines,
• Focus on local, organic and bulk products,
• Promoting short food circuits with partners in the south of Corsica,
• Membership of the ‘To Good To Go’ platform.

Carbon assessment carried out by Avvena

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In this eco-responsible initiative to reduce the environmental impact of your stay, our priority is water, an essential resource that we preserve in a variety of ways :

  • We equip our sanitary facilities with water-saving devices, regularly maintained to avoid leaks.
  • Sheets and towels are changed every 3 days or at guests’ request, to ensure responsible laundry management.
  • Our garden is designed with low-water consumption plants and an automated drip watering system to use water sparingly. A haven of peace for all kinds of wildlife, especially insects, our garden tries to imitate nature but also to work with it.

Our hotel has an average electricity consumption of 183kwh/m2. For comparison: in France, the average electricity consumption of a hotel is 241 kWh/m2/year according to a study by ADEME.

We also pay close attention to waste management, with widespread selective sorting and an organisation that aims to minimise our ecological footprint :

  • Waste is sorted in all parts of the hotel, and that which can be recycled or recovered is stored separately.
  • We encourage the use of recyclable and local products to reduce the volume of our waste, and we compost organic waste to enrich our garden.
  • In the rooms, we offer refillable hygiene articles (soaps, shampoos, etc.) and avoid disposable products (vanity kit, toothbrushes, etc.). In addition, there are no coffee machines, kettles or mini-bars in the rooms to reduce electricity consumption. We offer hot water on request at the bar from 7am to 10pm and a fridge is available for all our guests.
  • For daily cleaning, we use a high-temperature dry steam cleaning solution that is both effective and environmentally friendly. This method not only reduces water consumption, but also eliminates the need for harmful chemicals, guaranteeing the safety and well-being of our customers.
  • Since the 2024 season, we have been equipped with a 750-litre composter for composting organic waste, which is also available to our customers.