Welcome to Southern Corsica

Welcome to the extreme south of Corsica

where the landscapes follow one another and do not resemble each other for the delight of your eyes

From the Needles of Bavella to the cliffs of Bonifacio, the region conceals small jewels of nature inland and by the sea.

During your stay at the hotel San Giovanni, it is a must to relax on the paradisiacal beaches of southern Corsica such as Palombaggia, Santa Giulia or Rondinara, to admire the landscapes of the Corsican mountains, to recharge your batteries only half an hour from Porto-Vecchio in the Ospedale forest, or to visit the villages of Alta Rocca where the history of Corsica and the Corsicans is told.

Things to do in Southern Corsica:

– The beaches of Santa Giulia, Palombaggia, Cala Rossa, Rondinara

– The Lake of L’Ospédale

– Zonza and the Needles of Bavella

– Swimming in the Solenzara and Osu rivers

– Bonifacio, the old town and its cliffs

– The archaeological sites of Cucuruzzu and Araggio

– Mountain hikes to the sheepfolds of Bitalza and Luviu


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